About Us

Australia’s top news site socialdeterminants.org.au delivers both local and global news to millions of Australians. Since establishing in 2017, we have been keeping citizens informed with breaking news, stories of national interest, and positive news stories, thanks to our team of dedicated journalists and editors. Because of our honesty and public trust, we have maintained a positive reputation with our readers.

We engage our readers in the news of all aspects ranging from politics, religion, education, sports, entertainment, business, health, travel, financial trends, lifestyle, technology, and real estate. This way, we bring timely news to our users with all-time no matter where they are. We keep you updated on the current Australian news and global trends. It is our responsibility to report outstanding citizen action and innovative solution to problems that the world is facing today. In short, we serve our leaders with a well-balanced news diet.


Socialdeterminants.org.au has distanced itself from the negativity experienced in the Australian mainstream media. While it is of utmost importance that we remain informed, our daily dose of positive news has helped citizens remain optimistic, patriotic and responsible. By being realistic and positive, we help our readers eliminate the perception of a “crime and greed filled community.”

“For us to claim we are an informed nation, we must do away with the view that news cannot be considered news unless it is bad news” – One of the reasons why we build a community enthused by positive news and dedicated to the inspiration and enrichment for us all. We want to spark a transformation on the public paradigm of news, in that news should reflect our society today, and serve tomorrow’s society.

Socialdeterminants.org.au is an important initiative. Every Australian should visit the website at least once a day. You can be sure of positive information that will benefit you emotionally, mentally and physically. Contributing to a happy and healthier life in a meaningful way is our priority.