Bimberi Youth Justice Centre In Canberra Accused of Encouraging Inmates to Fight

Canberra’s Bimberi Youth Justice Centre has been strongly denounced by opposition leaders and human rights activists of allowing child inmates to engage in fights. They are further accused of giving the minors amphetamines which further escalated the fights. According to investigations, this abuse was spearheaded by the revelations guards at Canberra’s youth detention centre. As a result, opposition leaders have strongly condemned these heinous acts and have asked the ATC government to act.

The assertions, spreading over six years, were made in a progression of articles distributed by Fairfax Media. They published numerous cases of non-compliance with the law and best practice at this corrective institution.

On hearing this, the ACT Human Rights Commission has affirmed that it is investigating the issue further. They need to confirm the accuracy of the allegations where inmates are being encouraged to engage in fights with their fellow detainees.

ACT Children’s Minister Terms the allegations as historical
In defense, Rachel Stephen-Smith who is the ACT Children’s Minister dismissed the allegations saying that they were historical and had been sorted out long time ago. She reiterated that she had received confirmations from the Community Services Directorate informing her that investigations on all the historical issues had been done.

Opposition Leaders Strongly Condemn the Alleged Acts

Contrary to the Children’s Minister, the opposition has rebuked the government for failing to run some of its most defenseless wards. According to the opposition leader, the ACT government should have done better in looking into such serious allegations made about the facility management. In a statement he termed the government as negligent and complacent in dealing with such corrective centres.

Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur was more quieted in her reactions of the Government, however said a contract of rights for youngsters in detainment was required. She however, condemned the acts and asked the government to make the Youth Justice Centre a safe place for recovery and training. “Youngsters in detainment are especially defenseless and we have a commitment to guarantee that they are kept safe,” she said.

Government defends its staff

In response to these allegations, Mark Collis, who is in charge of Bimberi defended his staff by claiming that most the greater part of the assertions had been tended to. “Almost all those allegations have been reacted to suitably,” he affirmed. He further assured Canberrans of the good work that is being done at the facility. He urged them to report all claims about misconduct in Bimberi on time so that they can properly react to it on time. He strongly defended his staff claiming that the allegations were shallow and could not be investigated beyond doubt.

Another government official, Ms Stephen-Smith supported Mark Collis’ statement by praising the staff for the great job they were doing and called for Canberrans to give them the support they need. She ended her statement by assuring Canberrans that they will investigate all new investigations.

Human Rights Commission Kept in the Dark on Racial Abuse Claims

Reacting to the allegations on the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre inmate abuse, Helen Watchirs who is the ACT Human Rights Commissioner was worried that they were not informed about racial abuse cases at Bimberi. She reminded Bimberi staff of their obligation to report such cases of child abuse so that they can be solved on time. She asked Canberrans to report any concerns they have about their treatment at the corrective facility. This will ensure that they get the best care and treatment.