How to avoid the dentist this holiday

Holidays and dentist evoke entirely different emotions. That is why, when you’re planning an excursion, it is a good idea to take a few steps to avoid an emergency dentist problem.

You might be thinking, how can you do so?

We will today share with you a few things that are entirely in your control. Doing these will ensure that you can avoid the dentist during the holidays. Still, if you face any dental problems, we will give you an essential road map regarding what you should do in that case as well.

1. Do not skip the checkup before the holiday:

Are you about to embark on a trip?

Do make sure that you visit a dentist before your flight. An early checkup will always ensure that you can avoid any immediate problems. For example, if you have dentures, it is better to visit a dentist to make sure that they are in perfect condition. Similarly, getting your teeth examined for any decay before embarking on a trip is always better.

Doing so will ensure that you will not suffer from any dental problems during the holiday.

2. Reschedule that dental surgery:

Do you plan to have dental surgery?

There are many dental surgical procedures like removing a wisdom tooth, which might need rescheduling if you plan to fly. After the dental surgery, your teeth need at least a couple of days to heal. If you’re flying during this time, the pressure on your teeth will be on the higher side. It can reduce the speed of the healing process or some unintended consequences. A much better idea is to get it done at least a couple of weeks before your trip.

If that is not possible, you can reschedule it for after your trip. It will ensure that your travel or your holiday do not interfere with dental surgery.

3. Go an extra mile when embarking on overseas trips:

If you plan to go on an overseas trip, you need to be even more careful. There are some steps which you need to take in advance:

• You have to finish all your dental processes before buying travel insurance.

• You have to make sure that your travel insurance covers dental procedures as well.

• You have to make sure that you have the emergency contact number of the travel insurance provider.

• You should provide the emergency contact number while filling the form of travel insurance as well.

Once you do so, you can be sure that dental problems can be kept at bay during the trip. It will ensure that in case of any problem, you get help right away. It is especially true when embarking on an overseas journey.

4. Do not ditch the necessary precautions:

There are a few precautions that you need to take, whether you’re embarking on a trip or not. These will help you avoid dental problems. These precautions include:

• You should not open any packaged foods with your teeth.

• You have to avoid consuming hard foods like popcorn kernels.

These two precautions will help you avoid self-imposed dental problems.

Are you already suffering from any dental problem?

If yes, our guides below can help you out.

Suffering from dental pain? Here’s what should do:

In case you’re already suffering from dental ache, there are a few steps that you can undertake until you contact a dentist. These include:

• You can use over-the-counter painkillers to get some relief.

• If you’re suffering from a problematic filling or a broken tooth, you should not disturb it again and again with your tongue.

• If you have a dislodged cap or crown, you should store it securely until the dentist can stick it back in.
Till you visit a dentist, these are the steps which you can undertake.

Trying to find a dentist near you? These tips might help:

In case you’re travelling and need to consult a dentist, there are a few tips that you can follow to find the right one. These include:

• You can take help from the natives to find a good dentist.

• You can search online to find the right dentist.

• You can contact the accommodation manager or hotel manager for the dentist’s recommendations.

These three solutions will help you find the right dentist in almost any city or area.

Are you overseas? Here’s how to get dental help in that case:

If you’re on an overseas trip and need dental help, you should follow the guidelines below:

• You have to contact the travel insurance provider for recommendations and documentation which you will need to file your claim.

• If you are facing difficulty in understanding the health system of the country, you can contact your embassy for help. For example, if you’re from Australia, you would have the nearest Australian Embassy number. You can contact them to get some help.

• Once you get the treatment, collect all the documentation, including invoices, bills, x-rays, images, and so on. It will not only help you with follow up care but also your travel insurance claim.

Thus, if you need dental help when you’re overseas, these are the guidelines that you have to follow.

So, yes, it is possible to avoid the dentist this holiday season. Our guide above will help you do so. Still, if you need to contact a dentist due to an unforeseen problem, we have covered the scenarios above as well. It will help you deal with any dental problems efficiently and responsibly.