Increased demand for illegal drugs in Australia causes more seizures

Equitas Lawyers have reported that there has been an increase in the demand for illegal drugs which has seen the increase in seizures with arrests totaling to around ten tons in the last eighteen months only.

The illicit drug data report up to eighty-five percent increase in the seizures for the past ten years from sixty-two thousand seizures in the year 2006/07 to a record breaking a hundred fifteen thousand in 2015/16. The weight of the drugs for the later years totaled to twenty-one tons.

Michael Keenan, the minister for justice while releasing the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission figures on Friday commented that the supply for the drugs will still be on the increase unless the demand for the drugs was dealt with so as to reduce it. He also went ahead and said that there was still a long way to go until the fight against drugs is won.

While still speaking to the reporters in Sydney, he also said that so long as there was increased demand for the drugs in Australia they would still find their way in the country. His further comments were that unless the demand for the drugs was first addressed then it will be of no use no matter how efficiently laws are enforced, drugs taken off the streets, people peddling and using the drugs are arrested or proceeds taken from the organized gangs.

Arrangements have been put in place to send Australian police to the countries where these drugs are known to originate from in a bid to stop the importation of drugs from those countries.

Chris Dawson, the ACIC boss says that one particular drug methamphetamine popularly known as drug ice was being imported from overseas and was not commonly made locally in Australia.

He also added that some drug ice manufacture in Australia declined following the attempts to stamp the drug out worked since it was the main drug authorities were after. He further said that it was the drug that is mostly abused and causes greater harm to the people of Australia. He also associated the drug to be a cause of increased crime rates in his country.

Further details in the report show that other drugs like cocaine, cannabis, ketamine, GBL, and GHB were also detected at the Australian borders. The report also highlighted that most of the detections were made from the international mail systems.