Mass Nutrition Mogul’s $18 Million Fall From Grace

Two years back, Gold Coast’s body builder, Luke McNally was living a trendy and fancy life, with his company $18 million Mass supplement company being his main achievement. He had a very fit body, a body that almost every man wished he had.

Unfortunately, in the present time, the ex-millionaire is poor, not even able to afford his own house rent. The body builder, who now lives with his mom, has dropped from grace. Reports state that the ex-millionaire had to ask for help in order to raise enough money to hire a lawyer who could represent him in court.

He was charged with a couple of offences when he was aligned in court for a hearing after police found some incriminating evidence in the gym he was living in, the Burleigh Heads gym. When the police raided his gym, they found 10 bullets in total together with a fully loaded revolver in his office. When the police raided the gym looking for evidence, they recovered testosterone and amphetamines together with syringes and certain pipes assumedly used in the delivery of the drugs to his body. In an earlier bust, methamphetamines, discovered on his person, provided more grounds for his charges in court.

His lawyer, MoloneyMacCullum, pointed out in a statement that it was sad to watch a former talented millionaire was in a position in his life where he has nothing but regret, trying to get back to that powerful position due to his own misbehavior. The lawyer pointed out that McNally was really fortunate and wealthy with 45 shops in total all over the country.

His million-dollar company had made a profit of $18 million, which later dropped to $185,000 after his misbehavior and disregard of the law became public. He therefore had to relieve himself of all rights to the company a year later which left him completely broke, in the same spot where he started.

Currently, the former millionaire earns a living from a bit of online coaching and other personal trainer services. The work he does, however, does not benefit him since it does not give him enough to afford the same lifestyle he had. His mother, with whom he lives with, helps him pay for child support and his psychiatric sessions. His lawyer also pointed out to the court that he had plans to enroll at a drug rehab after his sessions are over. He also pointed out that the allegations of being in a certain motorbike gang and being in possession of GHB, which later turned out to be pure water, were wrong and false.

During the police raid at his home, police reported that he had completely refused to unlock his phone for them, with certain reports stating that he claimed there were explicit photographs of his partner, which was the cause of his resistance.

The court, after all the evidence and testimonials had been presented, sentenced him to seven months in jail, six for illegal possession of a weapon, and one for illegal possession of ammunition. This court decided that the sentence would not be carried out for 18 months after he was given a $500 good behavior bond for the drug possession.

For failing to collaborate with the police during the raid to his home, he was given a $1000 fine, which his family would help pay together with any other fines. He will go to court after one year to face trial where he will explain the source of the methamphetamines.