Mental Health Support for the Police

According to Family Lawyers Perth, any person who has undergone policing services can easily relate to suicide cases. This may sound as a shocking statement, but the fact is that a proper mechanism need to be put in place on how the police are dealing with cases of mental health.

With my partner working for QPS, I am lucky enough to get to hear shocking and chilling details the police have to contain with in their day to day activities. From chasing armed criminals to domestic violence cases, the police job isn’t for the faint hearted. This creates serious problems to the police officers and their loved ones.

According to Blue Hope founders, the major problem is the stigma that comes along mental health, thus making the officers quite reluctant in turning to internal supports. This is why Blue Hope Foundation has worked to create an accessible option for the men in uniform and their loved ones. This is a major boost in helping the police, with Ipswich town fully behind it.