Safety Fears Injected New Funding to Boost Crucial and Urgent Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric patients who are considered potentially dangerous will now get urgent care. The 20 million dollars is indeed a big help in mental health services and believed that the number of people who had died from the lack of urgent care would decrease drastically.

Supreme Court Has Criticised Victoria’s Mental Health Care System

Statistics show that up to ten homicides are committed those people who are not able to acute treatment each year. In fact, in this month, Umal S Abdurahman of Reservoir, who is 28, was sentenced for allegedly killing her baby daughter. The victim alluded of committing the offense after being denied extended care at one of the psychiatric hospitals.

The recent injection of funds and latest increase in services is deemed to benefit over 3,300 Victorians each year.

The Minister for Mental Health, Martin Foley, said that more people should now access mental health care and support instead of engaging in criminal activities.

He further said that the above funding would go a long way in ensuring that more Victorians who are at risk are treated as soon as possible, thus helping them stay out of trouble.

It is undeniable that an enormous number of people in Vitoria who have recently encountered criminal justice system are in one way or the other have mental health challenges. This explains why there is a need to expand Thomas Embling Hosptial to continue creating a great link between the justice system and the mental health patients.

More than 50,000 extra hours will be provided for treatment to ensure immediate and long-term support and care to those in need of placement in secure centres. The program put in place to achieve this include a funding of about 16 million dollars to help those aged between eighteen and sixty-four get community mental health care services. Further 3 million dollars will be funded for senior services, and about half-a-million dollars will be used to improve forensic mental health care services.

According to the Victoria Legal Aid executive counsel, Tim Marsh, two in eight legal aid recipients had some form of health related problems. He further said that if this number is enormous.

The issue at hand is serious and cannot be ignored. It need more and more funding. Mr. Mash, one of the former Mental Health Review Board Member, said that in most cases, the funding comes too late.

He continued saying that the number of cases he had dealt with is quite serious, which include homicides. The families facing this risks are often seeking for someone to help them, but they do not receive treatment at earlier states, and that is why they escalate to dire offenses.

If some level of help is put in place in the civil system just like as seen in the criminal system, then many terrible crimes could have been well avoided.