Sydney Man Charged Over Dark Web Drugs

A man from Tempe, Sydney was arrested on Thursday morning and taken to Newtown police station where he was charged with several drug related counts.

Nathan James Harnor, 43, was arrested after officers from NSW and Australian Federal Police stormed two properties in Sydney on Thursday morning. Search warrants were carried out in Tempe and Wolli Creek on Thursday. He is scheduled to appear in at Newtown Local Court this week.

Police say they seized $12,000 in cash, cocaine, magic mushrooms, MDMA and drug paraphernalia. During the search, police also found laptops with sophisticated software and hardware encryption. The man faces multiple drug-related counts following a lengthy police probe into illicit drug supply over the dark web.

The man has been charged with 8 counts of drug supply, supply of illicit drugs and dealing with proceeds of crime. He was denied bail but his defense team told the court that a bail application may be made when he appears in court this week. The suspect was not in court when his case was mentioned in court.

Police believe Harnor had for the past two years been taking orders for illicit drugs online and supplying them through post but it is not clear whether he had been acting alone or he is part of a drug ring that supply illicit drugs over the dark web. The joint investigation by NSW and Australian Federal Police has allegedly been running for at least two years.

Tony Cooke, a drug squad commander, said while technology has had a profound impact on all aspects of our lives, it could be used for illegal activities and allow drug dealers to work from the comfort of their own homes. Detective Simon Walsh said the joint operation produced a good result and warned those dealing drugs that they will soon be apprehended.

Dark net is part of the web that requires special software to access. It is designed to ensure the anonymity of users. There are a number of drugs related sites in deep web thanks to its ability to conceal the identity of users. Black marketplaces have faced disruptions in the past few years though.

In 2014, law enforcement agencies from around the world cracked down dark web criminals, arresting close to 900 suspects, including Ross Ulbricht, the founder and owner of one of the largest dark web marketplaces — Silk Road. Since then, the FBI and Europol have been cracking down on dark web marketplaces.

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